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Drop 14 - Delivery on 11 September 2016

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  • We Source

    Our fanatical coffee team has travelled throughout our great country discovering artisanal coffee roasters from Cape Town to Upington and even Mosselbaai! We have hand picked our favorites, so you too can enjoy their delicious coffee beans in your own home or office.

  • They Roast

    Our Artisan roasters select their beans with an obsession for perfection. Their passion is expressed through roasting their beans for the perfect sensory balance, drawing out the full potential of each bean. Coffee is best when it's fresh, so we roast it just hours before we pack it up and send it to you.

  • We Ship

    We ship to you once a quarter (every 3 months) ensuring the beans arrive within 7 days of being roasted. Every delivery will contain six x 250g bags as well as the stories of the different roasters. Ensuring you are continually and deliciously caffeinated in your kitchen, cubicle, or batcave.

  • You Brew

    You brew in the comfort of your home or office, whether by plunger or cupcake, simple machine or fancy contraption. You share this experience with friends and colleagues and give them a taste of what it means to appreciate life , appreciate quality and discover great coffee!