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The Alternative blend is a delicious 50% washed bean from Colombia Huila Excelso, 25% Uganda, Rwenzori Mountain which is Natural Processed and a 25% Ethiopia, Lekempti. Washed coffee.
It has wild fruit aromas. dark-chocolate, peanut-butter flavours, all enhanced by a smooth, lingering finish. The Alternative blend is a medium roast with heavy body, buttery mouth-feel and is versatile in all brewing methods.

Gorillas Coffee - Kempton Park

A fine Bourbon Arabica with a dark chocolate, slight spice, and cherry-like woodiness ever-present from start to finish.
It's dark chocolate demure belies texture & boldness reserved for special occasions, espressos, or late nights – but, with a light enough profile & easy to tolerate flavor that wouldn't be out of place for the inevitably 5am daily trudge."

BLISS coffee - Kimberley

This incredible single origin arabica coffee is a fully washed Colombia La Maseta, AA grade grown at 1200-2000 masl. It has a sweet mixed berry aroma, delicious notes of banana and apricot, a well balanced cup with a creamy body and a crisp acidity.

The coffee guy - Kommetjie

The Coffee Guy House Blend is very delicate, sweet and fruity with undertones of green apple, nut and a dark chocolate aftertaste. It has a subtle creamy cocoa body and is very low on acidity. As a result it is a gentle and mild cup. It creates an excellent crema and therefore a refreshing espresso and recommended in milk-based coffees.

mazot str - coffee roastery - Stellenbosch

"Starting a coffee roastery in the middle of a pandemic was challenging to say the least, but still getting the job done confirms our passion for coffee and our community!" says De Wet Castelyn.
The Newborn Blend is spesifically created for espresso based drinks, with notes of raspberry and a beautiful cocoa powder finish. Be sure to keep an eye on the new kid on the block!

Humble Coffee - Durban

This incredible coffee comes from the Members of Rwenzori Arabica Scheme Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd.It is grown in Rwenzori, Western Uganda by about 2000 growers. The natural, dried on raised beds processing gives the coffee beautiful notes of blackberry, honey and cocoa. If you're looking for juicy, syrupy berries, this is for you! It is best enjoyed as a filter coffee.

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