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Africa Black - Northriding

Vintage Black Espresso - Roasted on our Probatone 24, this harmonious blend of Central & Southern American, and African coffees is our signature Espresso blend. Full and well rounded body, medium to low bitterness and subtle acidity. Flavours of lingering dark chocolate and cocoa notes. Suited for any espresso based drinks, Aeropress & Moka Pot.

Merkava Coffee - Somerset West

The Merkava blend is made up of beautifully roasted Brazil and Ethiopian arabica coffee beans that will excite and delight your tastebuds. The coffee has a toasty aroma with chocolate notes, mild acidity and a creamy cocoa aftertaste. This is a perfect all-day drinking coffee and can be best enjoyed in a variety of brew methods.

COASTAL coffee - Durban

The Continental blend is a brand new addition to the Coastal Coffee family of blends, it is a 100% Arabica, 2 bean blend, made up of Colombia La Maseta and Brazil Cerado. It is a medium roast with a variety of flavour. Specific taste notes are fruity, citrusy with hints of floral. It is wonderfully full bodied! This coffee is suited best for espresso, milk beverages, aeropress, moka pot, chemex and pour-over.

Bloemfontein Coffee Roasting Co. - Bloemfontein

Medium / Light Roast - Grown at an altitude of 1,700-1,900 metres above sea level, this coffee out of the Sidamo Region in the southern part of Ethiopia is a rich fruited aroma coffee. It is roasted medium to medium/light and has a delicate citric (lime) acidity with medium to high body. Stoned fruit flavours coming through with a sweet finish.

Skyline Coffee - Durban

Skyline’s seasonal spring blend is here. Made up of 2 exceptional coffees that leave a bright vibrant sensation on your taste buds. Perfect for espresso or filter based coffee drinks. 60% Guatemala Finca El Morito. 40% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural. An amazingly bright, sweet cup of coffee awaits. Think wine gums, grapefruit and peaches!


Beachhouse is a blend of Brazilian Bourbon, Indonesian Mandheling and a Tanzanian from the north of the country. A easy drinking blend with bright flavours of stone fruit and citrus with undertones of caramel. Preferred brewing method would be espresso. Enjoy!


A Puurfect blend of African and South American beans, showing off the elegance of the Black Cat. Starting with low acidity, a smooth middle and a hazelnut chocolate aftertaste that lingers. Developed to celebrate our one-year anniversary of opening our doors, we embarked on a journey to create a blend that would showcase Conversations Coffee Co.

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